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RocketBets Partners

Our Features

We believe that extraordinary service and relationships are only built with experience and time. We highly appreciate our business and putting our efforts in making every new tool comfortable and manageable for our affiliates. Among key features you’ll be provided with:
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We Take Care Of Your Players
Player satisfaction comes first. We convert, We retain.
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Up To 50% Revenue Share
The more players you bring to us, the higher your winnings will be.
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NO Negative Carryover
The negative balance does NOT carry over into the next month
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Great Customer Support
Our dedicated team will support you at all stages
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Optimized Marketing Tools
Our marketing tools are developed by experienced specialists.
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On-time Payments
You can use one of the multiple payment methods.
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Based on amount of FTD your players generate per month
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A partner of RocketBets Casino, we highly recommends the online casino for being one of the best in the industry. They also praise the professionalism and support of the Rocket Bets team, highlighting their transparent and easy-to-use affiliate program with regular updates and communication.

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We highly recommend RocketBets Casino as a partner, as it is widely regarded as one of the best online casinos and sport site in the industry. The RocketBets team is highly praised for their professionalism and support, with their affiliate program being transparent and easy to use. The team provides regular updates and maintains open communication with their partners.

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Have any questions?
My affiliate account
What is RocketBets Partners affiliate program?
RocketBets Partners affiliate program allows you to earn money by referring users from your website or other marketing means to our website. Everyone who joins RocketBets, makes a deposit, and starts generating revenue through your links, will result in commission payments for you.
How to join RocketBets Partners?
Sign up using registration form on this website. Log in and choose a link to be published on your website or using it on any other social media, and start earning a commission.
What kind of websites will I advertise?
You’ll advertise RocketBets. Main advantages of the brand include a eyes-catching website and user-friendly mobile version, a huge selection of events and great bonus offers.
How can I change my payment details?
Choose My account tab and click Edit button..
I’ve lost my password. How can I reset it?
Go to main page, click Login, then click Reset button and create a new password following the guidelines.
Where can I find my statistics? How frequently is it updated?
Statistics is available in your personal account. You will be able to analyze reach, CTR, registrations, and deposits. You’ll raise your income by improving your strategy and using the most profitable sources of traffic. Reports display data in real time, and each page reload updates information.
What do the descriptions of the fields mean? (Quick Report)
FD count – a number of users who made the first deposit.
FD sum – a total of all first deposits.
FD count (less limit) – a number of users who made the first deposit that is lower than the required first deposits.
RD count – a number of repeated deposits.
RD sum – a total of repeated deposits.
Bet-Win – a difference between total loss and total win of all players (Netgaming).
Bonus – a total of players’ bonus.
Total out – a total of players’ withdrawals.
Income – an income of the partner.
What affiliate programs plans do you offer?
We offer Revenue share plan or CPA plan.
What is CPA, RevShare and CPL?
Revenue share plan is a model of an affiliate program where a partner gets 20-50% of casino income generated by the players a partner brought to casino.
CPА plan is a model of an affiliate program where a partner gets a fixed sum for each action (e.g. registration, first deposit (FD), active player, etc).
What methods of website promotion can I use?
We work with different types of traffic, including direct, mobile, banner, search, context, and social media traffic.
What advertisement materials do you offer?
Landing pages, banners, branding, HTML templates and other advertisement materials are available in your personal account in Promo tab. You can also request additional promo materials from your manager.